The Short Stories of the Marred (Poem)

The Short Stories of the Marred (Poem)


For the longest time,

It seems,


The broken

The bastards

And forgotten

Of the world


Have come to me


(and I still don’t know why)

To tell me

Of their deepest hardships

And the most

Private aspects

Of their lives


I have heard

In great details

Through conversations

Only a minute long

(With absolute strangers)


Of crack babies

And their times

As a whore


Of past relationships

That left scars

Too deep to heal


I have heard


Their time in prison

(and prison tattoos)

Juvy halls

Foster homes

And alcohol abuse


They simply come up to me

As I walk on the street

Or on my break by the corner

Simple as that

(It’s true)



They have heard

Through some cosmic energy

And the power of the universe


That I am merely a witness

To the world

And have

Neither judgement

Nor answer

To give them



(and probably)

This the reason why

Isn’t it ?


It would make sense

In a way.


Maybe They Just


Their Stories



So here,


Your stories




    • I have to say it wasn’t the original plan to writr these kinds of stories over and over again but the universe keeps sending me these linds characters and I don’t have it in me to just look away. Take care. Ian

      • Some are entrusted to tell them, lucky for you that you’ve been called to do so. When writing ends up a great distance from where we set out makes for the best, I think. Cheers!

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